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Africa prides itself with a vast complex of fauna and flora that dresses nature to look her part in the seasons. The indigenous landscape hides many of her secrets. Some where expropriated and appropriated by big pharma and some remain hush to its indigents. Plants, trees, bushes, flowers that hold the key to life itself if you consider the concept of “no life without health” to be true.

We started the Ndoda brand to capture the use of medicinal plants to help the male gender in conquering everyday life, challenges, and remain on the helm of his purpose. Whether be it a provider, live-well and succeed or for any other reason known to them. Ndoda wants to be that constant life companion.

Ndoda Supplements is a natural supplements company focused on creating easy to consume herbal extract complementary medicines made from natural African plants root extracts. We source our ingredients from practitioners with years of experience and extensive knowledge in African plant medicines and delivery of optimum efficacy.

Our influence comes from needed African alternatives to chemical based complimentary medicines. We are based in Gauteng, the province of gold in the the Republic of South Africa. Our network of herbal medicinal practitioners influences our product mixes and the standard we put on the shelves. We source natural ingredients, handled with care.

We intend to use this blog to post content that helps our customers find ways to stay informed and ahead of any information or resource they will need to live a healthy, prosperous and successful natural life.

Feel free to contact us, using our contact form on the contact page or send an email to info(at) alternatively on our whats app line (zero six three) two seven seven eight one eight one. (Number protection from spam robots)

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